S273 Dry Red wrinkle Chili
S273 Dry Red wrinkle Chili

273 is one of the most famous and demanding red chili.

Its semi wrinkle chili

Physical larger size with DARK RED color.

Pungency level = 25000 to 35000 SHU
ASTA color = 80 TO 100
Capsaicin = 0.726%

Physical Status:

  • Large size 9 to 12 cm without stem
  • less seed
  • Light weight
  • Dark red color
  • Moderate hot
  • Thick skin

Process = Sun-dried


Its aroma, pungency & color of Stemless S-273 chili is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian & Japanese Cuisines. The curry made with Stem less S-273 Chili not only looks rich but also gives mouth watering tastes. It is well known as a commercial crop used as a condiment, culinary supplement or as a vegetable. S-273 Chili has got specific characteristics which have enabled it to earn international and national acclaim. It is mainly used for its pungency, high color & aroma. It is very good for the purpose of crushing & making red chili powder. Red Chili powder manufactured after crushing of S-273 Chili looks very dark red in color & hence is suitable to enrich all kinds of cuisines.

It can use for as following:

  • Red Chilies powder
  • Chili oil
  • Chili Capsicum