Bird-eye red chili / Kanthari chili
Bird Eye Red Chili Kanthari Chili

Bird-eye chili/kanthari chili is a small and spicy chili from India. Due to high SHU level and good color Bird eye chili use in various cousins.Bird eye chilli / kanthari chilli use in kerala traditional dishes and it is a top 10 hottest chili among the word. Bird eye chili has a very low production rate and high benefits so bird eye chili/kanthari chili is expensive than regular chili.

Bird-eye chilli / kanthari chili health benefits

  • Wrinkle free
  • increase metabolism in the body
  • rich source of vitamin
  • treat infections
  • anti-cancer
  • Heal joint pain
  • Anti-inflammatory

Physical Status

  • Small in size
  • Orange-red color

Punjuncy level = 50000 – 100000 SHU
ASTA color = 41.7
Capsaicin = 0.589%

Spice villa export provides Bire eye chili/kanthari chili to the domestic and international market.