Byadgi Chili
Byadgi Chili

Byagdi Chili is long, fully wrinkle and Highest level of dark red color chili, which is famous in all around world in food industry.

Physical Status:

  • Long and fully wrinkle 10-13 cm without stem.
  • Dark red color.

Pungency level = 12000 SHU
ASTA color = 160
Capsaicin = Negligible
Process = Sun-dried


  • Byagdi (Karnataka)


This Byadgi Chili market is very famous in India due to availability of Chili with low pungency (SHU) and high color values.

Cuisine: Byadgi chili is an important ingredient in less spicy preparations. The aroma & pungency of Byadgi Chili is very much Suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian & Japanese Cuisines. It is also used in meat preparations because of the bright red color that it imparts to the meat. The curry made in Byadgi Chili not only looks rich but also tastes rich.

Oleoresin: Byagdii Chili is used for extraction of oleoresin, a red oil from the pods. Oleoresin is used in the preparations of nail polish, lipsticks, food, textiles, pharma etc.. About 50 liters of oleoresin can be extracted from about 1 tone of chilies.

Harvesting Season:

  • January - April


  • 5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg as per customer requirements

Container Capacity:

  • 1 40 ft container = 14 MT