Spice villa export supply moringa seeds domestic and internationally.
Moringa plant every part is useful for various purposes.

Moringa seed is obtained from the pods of Moringa oleifera also called Drumstick tree. Fresh moringa seed is soft But when it Dry becomes hard and small. Moringa seeds are Grayish-white in color with wing-like structure. Moringa seed can steam, boiled or roasted for various purpose. Moringa seed is rich in Vitamins, Calcium, iron and essential amino acid

Use of Moringa Seeds
  • Moringa seeds regulate blood sugar level
  • Moringa can improve sleep.
  • Moringa can help in reducing joint pain.
  • Moringa seed can do lower cholesterol level also it reduce the amount of oxidized lipid in our body so it can take care of our cardiac health.
  • Moringa seed act as anti-carcinogens by inducing death of cancer cells.
  • A Moringa seed is the Rich source of fibers and Iron.
  • Moringa seed has Anti-oxidant, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory property so it can improve skin health.