Mundu Chili / Round Chili - S9
Mundu Chili / Round Chili - S9

We bring forth our high quality Mundu Chillies. These chilies are procured from sources that are reputed in the market. The Mundu Chillies we offer are free from any foreign matter and chemicals. These Mundu Chillies have an excellent flavor and sharp aroma. Their natural color is an ideal indication of their superior quality.

Physical Appereance:

  • Round shaped
  • Yellowish red
  • Shiny & Medium pungency
  • Dark shiny & thick skin


  • ASTA color value - 32.95
  • Pungency - 10,000 - 30,000 SHU
  • Capsaicin – 0.166%


Mundu S9 chili has a good flavor and aroma, exported worldwide. Also, Used for food coloring.

Mundu chili is a round shaped chili, grown in remand district in tamilnadu, India, it’s also called as remand S9 red mundu chili.