Sannam S4 OR 334 Red Chili
Sannam S4 OR 334 Red Chili

Sannam S4 is one of the most famous and demanding red chili of world because of its great taste and bright red color.

Pungency level = 18000 to 22000 SHU
ASTA color value = 32.11
Capsaicin = 0.226%

Physical Status:

  • Medium size 6 to 8 cm without stem
  • More Seed
  • Light Weight

Process = Sun-dried:


S 4/S 334 Sanam Chili due to its significant feature of mouth watering aroma & medium pungency is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian, Mexican & Japanese Cuisines. The curry made in Sanam S4 Chilli not only looks rich but also gives heart winning taste to consumers. It is well known as a commercial crop used as a condiment, culinary supplement or as a vegetable.


Harvesting Season:

  • December to May


  • PP bag
  • 5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg as per customer requirements

Container Capacity:

  • 1 40 ft container = 14 MT