Rose Petal
Rose Petal

Spice villa export supply dry rose petals for domestic and international clients.

Dry rose petals use for herbal tea ingredient.

We supply premium quality rose petals to our clients.

We can supply Res rose petals and pink rose petals.

Benefits of Rose Petals

  • Rose petal Improve skin condition
  • Rose petals help in relieve sore throats
  • Rose petal help in improve digestion in body.
  • Rose petal aroma alleviates stress and anxiety.
  • Rose petal helps in urinary tract infections
  • Rose petal can help in boost immune system.
  • Rose petal can help in arthritis patients.
  • Rose petal helps in menstrual pains

Spice Villa Export Supply

  • Dry rose petal leaves
  • Rose petal powder